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It is my belief that our focus on material development, accumulating wealth and proving a point has led us to neglect our basic human need for kindness and care. 

Moving towards an uprising against a perceived power but having little to offer in return, revolution without evolution can be plagued with long term humanistic damage, look at Lebanon and what happened there.

A violent riot will NEVER be the solution in this modern age, and arguably a backward way considering the ability for those leaders previously oppressed, to voice a message from a position of power.

Reinstating a commitment to the oneness of humanity and altruism toward our brothers and sisters is fundamental for societies and organizations and their individuals to thrive in the long run.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Germans were viewed as the enemy to half the world, yet for most of us less than 100 years later were enjoying the motor engineering that was founded on Nazi oppression.

Every one of us has a responsibility to support oneness, irrelevant of the past and no matter how painful it is or was. We are all leaders when it comes to self and if we are not then we should be, without all the B.S that comes with it.

Our freedom was established for each of us to think for ourselves, ultimately LEAD our own path and not that necessarily shown, especially by those without a clear and lasting plan.

Leaders should have the ability to; 

Work with the message for the message, not with a message at all costs. 

Do you have a message? Frustrated about something? Need to relay something important to those around you.  

Be a leader.

Be mindful; Cultivate peace of mind, as I’ve said previously people will not listen to the message when said with anger. 

As human beings, we have a remarkable intelligence that allows us to use strategies and plan for the future. We have language that enables us to communicate what we have understood to others. Since destructive emotions like anger and attachment cloud our ability to use our intelligence clearly, we need to tackle them. Be a leader.

Fear and anxiety easily give way to anger and violence. The opposite of fear is trust, which, related to warm-heartedness, boosts our self-confidence. Be a leader

Compassion also reduces fear. This, not money and power, is what really attracts oneness. When we’re under the sway of anger or attachment, we’re limited in our ability to take a full and realistic view of the situation. When the mind is compassionate, it is calm and we’re able to use our sense of reason practically, realistically, and with determination. Be a leader.

Be selfless. We are naturally driven by self-interest; it’s necessary to survive. But we need wise self-interest that is generous and cooperative, taking others’ interests into account. Be a leader. 

Cooperation comes from friendship, friendship comes from trust, and trust comes from kind-heartedness. Once you have a genuine sense of concern for others, there’s no room for cheating, bullying, or exploitation; instead, you can be honest, truthful, and transparent in your conduct. Be a leader.

Be compassionate. The ultimate source of a happy life is accepting others for who they are, not what you think they could be or by the actions of their ancestors. Be a leader.

Have some values and self respect. Destructive emotions are related to ignorance, while compassion is a constructive emotion related to intelligence. Consequently, it can be taught and learned. Troublemakers in many parts of the world are often quite well-educated, so it is not just education that we need. What we need is to pay attention to inner values. Be a leader.

The distinction between violence and non-violence lies less in the nature of a particular action and more in the motivation behind the action. Actions motivated by anger and greed tend to be violent, whereas those motivated by compassion and concern for others are generally peaceful. Be a leader.

 We won’t bring about peace in the world merely by hope; we have to take positive and strong ACTION to tackle the violence and corruption that disrupt peace. We can’t expect change if we don’t take action.

Peace also means being undisturbed, free from danger, global riots right now is not so.

It relates to our mental attitude and whether we have a calm mind. What is crucial to realize is that, ultimately, peace of mind is within us; it requires that we develop and use our intelligence. 

So, opinions manner, freedom of speech matters, all lives matter – but equally does the message. 

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