Sex Therapy & Counselling.

It is normal to experience fluctuations in your sexual relationship. For example, many people find that their sexual relationship is most intense at the beginning (i.e., the ‘honeymoon period’) and less so over time. Also, many people notice that their sexual relationship changes after having children.

Some couples are able to navigate these changes on their own. You may require support if these changes and challenges are causing distress for one partner or both.

We love each other, but we are struggling in our sexual relationship. Can sex therapy help?

Yes, sex therapy can help you if you are experiencing sexual problems. Some of the issues that we can support you with include:

Lack of desire
Difficulty having an orgasm
Pain during sex
Inability to have penetrative sex
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation

What does a healthy sexual relationship look like? 

Each sexual relationship is different and there is no magic formula to ensure a healthy sexual relationship. We will work with you to identify your sexual goals and build a treatment plan to achieve those goals. Over time, it is our hope that you will experience an increase in sexual confidence, pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction. 

How does sex therapy work?

During your sessions, you will discuss the difficulties that you are facing in your sexual relationship separately. Once an understanding has been made about the issues individually experienced we will then formulate a treatment plan based on the presenting concerns and your goals.

We are here to help. 

We are very experienced and familiar with providing counselling and therapy online. Our clients are finding online therapy with our team to be an effective way of taking care of their mental health and addressing certain issues.

If you prefer to see us face-to-face, we’re adhering to strict safety guidelines seeing clients in person either in London or in your current location subject to prior appointment.

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