About Benjamin Bonetti

This was written about me once, it’s certainly a lot nicer and better constructed that anything I’d write:

Benjamin’s key focus is to takes the guesswork out of change and deliver results for clients. His approach is somewhat unorthodox, lacking tact and unfiltered. This however has made him a popular and key choice for international royalty, celebrities and executives.

Benjamin is the author of several bestselling books on stress and human performance and writes regularly for magazines as well as comments, features and observations for international press.

If a celebrity, sports or reality TV star has personal or professional concerns, or is simply behaving in an uncharacteristic or newsworthy way, Benjamin can provide immediate, expert and informed psychological comment, body language analysis and advice.

He has a passion for encouraging psychology for those who often face additional media pressures and has given well-received talks on the subject to many universities.

In summary that is all true, but it is not what I am, so in my own words:

I learned the hard way that life isn’t going to give you what you want unless you go out and get it. Life is hard, you will experience pain, you will make mistakes and YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN an alternative way of living at some point whether you like it or not.

You are equal… as much as you want to believe you are not…you are. This is a hard bullet for most to swallow. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the wealthiest families on the planet, I’ve also given to the poorest and they all bleed and feel pain the same. You and I are no different, stop thinking otherwise, it’s a lie and deep down you know it.

I’m not a Guru, although I’ve been called it, I don’t believe in them and anyone that calls themselves one has elevated themselves above the rest and therefore to disconnected to add any value. I’m a father, I have an average house and have done some things that some would consider ‘successful’. 

At the core…I’m just like everyone else… I wake up at 6am and go to bed at around 10pm. I train 5 days a week; I enjoy unhealthy snacks and have a passion for cars, motorcycles and the great outdoors.

What gets me going is the ability to help others adopt an alternative way of thinking, one that supports them, more in alignment with the direction that they want rather than what they’ve inherited or believed to be true.

This is my mission… simply….no fancy words...un-discriminated and no disguises.

All I ask in exchange is a willingness to learn.