Brand Protection.

The Benjamin Bonetti Brand is protected by copyright and a registered trademark. However, as we continue to create great products counterfeiters are making cheap copies  that can often be mistaken for the real thing.

The only way to be sure you’re buying genuine quality Benjamin Bonetti product is to purchase it from one of our carefully selected official independent or multiple retail partners and approved websites.

We also have an agreement in place with all of our official stockists not to sell on Amazon, ebay or any auction sites. If you see Benjamin Bonetti branded product on these websites outside of our official store there is high chance that it is counterfeit. 

In addition please don’t be fooled by the counterfeiters that attempt to copy aspects of our website and the way we portray our brand by stealing our images and content or by including our name within their domain address.

If you think you have purchased or seen some counterfeit Benjamin Bonetti product online or indeed in any store, or if you see our products somewhere other than one of our official stockists, please let us know, we would really appreciate it.

Just send us an email to outlining as much detail as possible and attaching any photos you are able to take.

We take the job of protecting our brand very seriously and working together with Customs, Trading Standards, Royal Mail, eBay and our Brand Protection agency we are able to take the appropriate legal action against anyone found infringing upon our Trademarks and Intellectual Property whenever necessary.