Recommended Books for Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

One of the key aspects of personal growth is the power of reading, and Benjamin Bonetti is no stranger to the transformative impact of books.

On this page, we present a curated selection of recommended books that have influenced and inspired Benjamin Bonetti on his own journey of self-discovery. These books cover a wide range of topics, from mindset and success to mindfulness and well-being. Each book has been carefully chosen for its valuable insights, practical strategies, and thought-provoking perspectives.

By exploring these recommended books, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into areas such as personal development, motivation, wealth creation, happiness, cooking and more.

Whether you are seeking guidance to overcome challenges, boost your confidence, or enhance your overall well-being, these books offer a wealth of wisdom and guidance to support your growth. 

  1. Becker, Ernest - The Denial of Death
  2. Ellenberger, Henri - The Discovery of the Unconscious
  3. Eysenck, Hans - Genius
  4. Frankl, Viktor - Man’s Search for Meaning
  5. Freud, Sigmund - An Outline of Psychoanalysis
  6. Freud, Sigmund - The Interpretation of Dreams
  7. Jung, Carl - Aion
  8. Jung, Carl - Answer to Job
  9. Jung, Carl - Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious
  10. Jung, Carl - Modern Man in Search of a Soul
  11. Jung, Carl - Mysterium Coniunctionis
  12. Jung, Carl - Psychology and Alchemy
  13. Jung, Carl - Psychology: East and West
  14. Jung, Carl - Psychology of Religion: East and West
  15. Jung, Carl - Symbols of Transformation
  16. Jung, Carl - The Symbolic Life
  17. Jung, Carl - Two Essays on Analytical Psychology
  18. Lee, Harper - To Kill a Mockingbird
  19. May, Rollo, Angel, Ernest & Ellenberger, Henri - Existence: A new dimension in psychiatry and psychology
  20. Neumann, Erich - The Origins and History of Consciousness
  21. Neumann, Erich - The Great Mother
  22. Nietzsche, Friedrich - Beyond Good and Evil
  23. Nietzsche, Friedrich - On the Genealogy of Morals
  24. Nietzsche, Friedrich - The Antichrist
  25. Nietzsche, Friedrich - The Gay Science
  26. Nietzsche, Friedrich - The Will to Power
  27. Orwell, George - 1984
  28. Orwell, George - Animal Farm
  29. Orwell, George - Road to Wigan Pier
  30. Peterson, Jordan B - 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
  31. Peterson, Jordan B - Maps of Meaning
  32. Peterson, Jordan B - Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life
  33. Piaget, Jean - Play, Dreams and Imitation in Childhood
  34. Piaget, Jean - The Moral Judgment of the Child
  35. Rogers, Carl - A Way of Being
  36. Rogers, Carl - On Becoming a Person
  37. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's French Odyssey
  38. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes
  39. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Coast to Coast
  40. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
  41. Stein, Rick - My Kitchen Table: 100 Fish and Seafood Recipes
  42. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Spain
  43. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's India
  44. Stein, Rick - From Venice to Istanbul
  45. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Fish & Shellfish
  46. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein's Long Weekends
  47. Stein, Rick - The Road to Mexico
  48. Stein, Rick - Rick Stein’s Secret France
  49. Alighieri, Dante - The Divine Comedy
  50. Alighieri, Dante - Vita Nuova
  51. Alighieri, Dante - Convivio

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