Therapy for Celebrity Bodyguards: Overcoming Stress and Trauma

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As a therapist, I have had the privilege of working with clients from all walks of life, including those in the entertainment industry. One of the most unique experiences I had was working with a celebrity bodyguard, who faced immense pressure and responsibility in keeping their clients safe.

Through therapy, we were able to address a range of issues and help this client navigate their demanding and often high-stress job.

The Role of a Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrities and high-profile individuals often rely on bodyguards for protection and security. These bodyguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of their clients in a range of situations, including public events, personal appearances, and travel. They must be constantly vigilant, aware of potential threats, and prepared to act quickly in case of an emergency.

The challenges of being a bodyguard can take a significant toll on one's mental health. Long hours, unpredictable schedules, and the need to be hyper-vigilant at all times can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, and burnout. In addition, bodyguards often face the pressure of being responsible for the safety and well-being of others, which can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing.

Therapy for Celebrity Bodyguards

In my work with the celebrity bodyguard, we focused on a range of issues related to their job and personal life. Some of the key topics we addressed included:

  1. Coping with stress and anxiety: The constant pressure of the job can take a significant toll on one's mental health. Through therapy, we worked on developing coping mechanisms to manage stress and anxiety.

  2. Boundary-setting: Bodyguards often need to establish clear boundaries with their clients and others in their professional and personal lives. We worked on setting healthy boundaries and learning to say "no" when necessary.

  3. Communication: Effective communication is essential for a bodyguard's job. We worked on developing communication skills to help the client navigate challenging situations and communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

  4. Trauma: In some cases, bodyguards may experience traumatic events while on the job. We addressed any past traumas and worked on developing strategies for managing any symptoms of trauma that may arise.

  5. Self-care: Bodyguards often prioritise the safety and well-being of others over their own needs. We worked on developing self-care practices to ensure the client was taking care of their own mental and emotional health.

Through therapy, the celebrity bodyguard was able to gain greater insight into their own experiences and develop strategies for managing the unique challenges of their job. They were able to establish healthy boundaries, communicate more effectively, and prioritise their own mental and emotional health.


The job of a celebrity bodyguard is one that comes with immense responsibility and pressure. It's important for these individuals to prioritise their own mental and emotional health in order to perform their job effectively. Through therapy, bodyguards can gain greater insight into their experiences and develop the skills and strategies they need to manage the unique challenges of their job.

As a celebrity bodyguard, you know firsthand the pressures and challenges of your job. You're responsible for the safety of high-profile clients, and the stress can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. That's where therapy comes in.

Through therapy, you can learn coping strategies to deal with the trauma and high-pressure environments you face every day. You can build resilience and develop self-care practices to prevent burnout and stress. You can overcome imposter syndrome and feel confident in your abilities as a security professional.

Don't let the demands of your job take over your life. Take care of yourself and your mental health with therapy.

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