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I love speaking to live audiences and would be pumped to speak at your event.

I deliver straightforward talks with practical tips in my no B.S style. It’s solid content that I make interactive and conversational. Every single person in the audience will leave with real information they can use to take action.

Here are a few of the topics I can speak about:

  • The keys to developing the mindset & mental toughness to achieve anything you want in life.
  • Increasing mental performance and resilience in a challenging situation.
  • How to create a winning family and social culture that attracts fiercely loyal people to your life.
  • Building a business based on a life by design.

If you’re interested in booking me for your event, just email us with a brief of the event, location and target message.

REQUIREMENTS FOR BOOKING BENJAMIN - I love bringing value to people and would love to be able to speak at every worthwhile event possible. However, my schedule is crazy busy and I am very, very limited on time. For that reason, I only accept speaking engagements on 2 conditions: 1. It’s a charity or cause that is very important to me. And here’s the reality - I already have established relationships with the non-profit groups I want to support. So while your charity or cause might be incredibly worthwhile, it is unlikely that I will accept. 2. The group/ organisation /event meets my fee requirements, which is per talk + travel and lodging. Please do not submit this form if you cannot meet those fee requirements.