Revolutionary Hypnotic Diet Pill: The Most Advanced Weight-Loss Solution

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Fed Up With Your FAT Body? Isn't It Time That YOU Changed?

Benjamin Bonetti International Best-Selling Hypnotherapist has combined all his skills to produce this truly fantastic support tool for those struggling to get to grips of their weight loss journey.

Now Includes: Best-Selling Weight Loss Hypnotic Audio & Two Free Chapters Of His Award Winning Books ‰ÛÏHow To Stress Less‰۝ & ‰ÛÏHow To Change Your Life‰۝.

Within this exciting, informative and direct publication, Benjamin has included all that YOU will ever need to know in order to successfully lose weight for good!

SO, what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you took back control of your life and took the massive action required to live a life that you deserve?

Benjamin Bonetti is recognized as one of the world‰۪s bestselling hypnotherapists and self-help authors. With over 1 million self-help products sold internationally his self-help Apps, Audiobooks and CD‰۪s are regularly in the top ten audio charts on Amazon, iTunes, Audible and the App Store.

‰ÛÏHave been spending the past three years trying just about every diet under the sun, but nothing seemed to work. This book wasn‰۪t a diet by any means, it actually changed the way I started thinking about food and myself. What has actually shocked me is that for a larger than average man (proper huge!!!), I am now enjoying food more than I have done for years and not feeling guilty for it. Was pretty anti all this self help malarkey, but this is self-help, this is something that if you have the right motivation, then can really change the way you think about things. I have even looked into some of the other stuff that this guy Benjamin Bonetti does and my wife is now raving about him too since using the go to sleep app or whatever you call it! Anyway, great stuff, best money I‰۪ve ever spent.‰۝
Anna. F

‰ÛÏI‰۪ve never been a big believer in all this kind of stuff, but following a redundancy and a few health issues I put on a huge amount of weight - this really helped me overcome the attitude towards food and exercise that I‰۪d adopted and have already lost a significant amount of weight! :)‰۝
Richard. R

‰ÛÏThis is a great book for anyone on the first stages of their journey to a better life style.. Like me ‰ÛÏlosing weight‰۝ I have been trying for ages I am a 32 year old male who has always had a problem with weight and eating, this book has given me the belief in my mind to start a health-ier life style, it really is true that its mostly in your head, I recommend this to people who have tried everything else. That‰۪s what I thought and I already feel more positive about shaping up and stripping the fat!‰۝
Steve. L

‰ÛÏWhat Benjamin does nicely in this book, is to marry together action plans and tips with the excellent theory of weight loss. It‰۪s very easy to understand and coupled with the hypnosis side of the plan, you will get results.‰۝
V. Elbrow

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Benjamin P. Bonetti

Written By

Benjamin P. Bonetti


Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes