Professional Hypnotherapy, Therapist, & Mediation Backing Music: Three High-Quality Recordings Developed for International Best-Selling Hypnotherapist Benjamin Bonetti

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This product contains three high-quality audio recordings:
Rapid Hypnotherapy Transitioning (23.42 Minutes)
Advanced Meditational Levelling (33.18 Minutes)
Advanced Hypnotic Deepening (24.30 Minutes)
These advanced backing tracks have been specifically designed and composed for professional therapists and coaches. Recorded to broadcast quality, these three audios are ideal for therapists who require clients to achieve a rapid and controlled deep state of relaxation, either in a therapy session or class environment. These audios have been specifically designed for international best-selling and award-winning hypnotherapist Benjamin Bonetti, and have been used in all of the 2013 "Easy Way" Hypnosis Range.
Perfect for guided meditations, hypnosis, deep relaxation, and enhanced healing. Uses: You may play the music during live consultations with clients. Examples: hypnotherapy, meditation/relaxation classes, yoga classes, massage therapy, reiki, or any other healing practice - all credits must be given. Prohibited Uses: You may not use the music as a backing track in your own unique production, which is audibly or visually different to the original music. For example, a video or an audio production that includes a voiceover. This particular restriction also prohibits the use of our music to create subliminal recordings in which your voice is inaudible.

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Narrated By

Benjamin Bonetti

Written By

Benjamin P. Bonetti


Duration: 1 hours 37 minutes