Positive Business Psychology - Hypnotic Business Programming Series

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Positive Business Psychology - Hypnotic Business Programming Series From Benjamin Bonetti

Is it time that you shifted your mind-set? Are you ready to look your business from a different prospective! Could you benefit from a positive business psychology?

This business hypnotic series works to create a platform whereby listeners can adjust future events by creating a better understanding of the 'why' reasons of the past. Within this professional HD hypnotic recording, you will be guided through a series of corridors; enabling you to regain control of the business decisions you make and complete questions and answers that have been plaguing the mind for too long.

Extracted from Benjamin's highly successful seminars, this hypnotic business series works alongside his DNA Coaching Programme and can be used either as a standalone hypnosis audio, part of the Business Programming Series or within the DNA Coaching Programme.

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Simply listen to this deeply relaxing hypnotic business recording by Master Hypnotherapist & Trainer Benjamin Bonetti and immerse yourself in abundant progression.

Narrated By

Benjamin P. Bonetti

Written By

Benjamin P. Bonetti


Duration: 1 hours 4 minutes