Detox Your Diet In Just 7 Days: The Perfect Combination Of Effective Lifestyle Change

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MORE THAN JUST A NUTRITION and COOKERY BOOK BUT A HEALTH FOOD MOVEMENT!!! The perfect combination of effective lifestyle change: 7 days to re-educate, reactivate, and realise a better you. Nutritional & Life Coach Expert Benjamin Bonetti questions fad diets while exploring the reasons why people should regain control of their life through food. Benjamin‰۪s renowned for his hard-hitting and direct approach to therapy and holistic health. ‰ÛÏ.As someone who has 'been there, done it and got the T-Shirt' Ben writes from both his heart AND his brain. A master of solution finding, he doesn't believe that one size fits all and quite rightly so. I read his book with interest as he is a master of change - a believer in action and someone who literally practices what he preaches. How often have you started a diet because someone else has had great results, only to find it didn't work for you? Now is the time to write your own prescription and there is no better person than Ben to show you how. This is a book packed full of common-sense, years of his learning and wisdom, rolled up into something that is easy to read and digest (pun intended!)‰۝ Bridget Hunt, Author Of Six Pack Chick ‰ÛÏBenjamin is a living, breathing, honest example of the work he produces, that is rare these days, and that honesty and dedication shines throughout this book. It will inspire you because it‰۪s nothing he hasn‰۪t done himself. Will it take discipline and strength? Yes! Will Benjamin help you gain that through these pages? Yes! Enjoy the journey, you‰۪ve got an incredible leader in Benjamin.‰۝ Amy Levin, The World's Leading Raw Chocolatier ‰ÛÏ'How To Detox Your Diet' is highly recommended for anyone wanting to change their nutrition. Easy to read, practical and step-by-step guidance all the way. It really should be one of the first books you read before embarking on any form of dietary change‰۝ Sarmado Sibley, Leading Raw Food Chef & Coach

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Benjamin P. Bonetti

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Benjamin P. Bonetti


Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes