Remote Therapy Question & Answer Access

Regular price £699.00

Real time therapy is something that has proven time and time again to bring about RAPID results in comparison to the conventional face-to-face meetings once per week. 

Traveling to an appointment isn’t always the most suitable option for clients., especially those with hectic lifestyles or those frequently travelling. Here you can gain access to Benjamin wherever you are and whenever you like. 

Here’s how it works: using one of the usual encrypted messaging apps, you’ll be able to ask Benjamin via text or audio questions whenever you would like.

Benjamin then conveniently replies to you within just a few hours. This is very similar to having a live phone conversation, but without the hassle or frustration of needing to schedule actual phone calls or commit to being in a country at a certain time.

As a more budget-friendly alternative to Benjamin’s therapy options it is highly recommended to pair this option with an initial 30-60 minute phone consultation.