You know where you are going and cant wait to get back to work so you can start to rebuild the momentum towards retirement? House overseas? New car? Holiday? Think again!

The World will not be the same as how you left it as a result of the global lockdown, and the economic effects for coronavirus. If you have been working towards an ideal of your future, you need take some time-out over the next few days, grab a pen and paper and re-map your current path – if you don’t you’ll be in for a nasty shock.

This isn’t a time for self-pity. Retirement extended? Borrowing limited? It doesn’t matter despite how painful it may seem as you start to make some changes.

NOW is a great time to give some thought to what you now know to be important and of future value, take health for example. Have you been one of those that considered health low-down the hierarchy of importance but now walking daily. 

How long ago was it when you came up with that perfect version of your future?

At that time what were your limitations or boundaries? Think about it for a moment. Back then did you think the same as you do now? I’m almost certain it wouldn’t be the same, if it is then you need to have a serious chat with yourself and be something more than a mouth breather.

TASK; If you were to stand in the middle of a floor made of crisp white paper with a clear mind, removing all the pre-lockdown negative known, and the paper beneath you was your chance to design a life based on what you want right now.

What would you get down?

If the past goals were to save £5000 per year for the next ten years for your retirement? Then given what you now know and have experienced then shouldn’t this number be greater?

It is essential that you continually adjust your outcomes and intentions, not goals, along with your own personal development, knowns and growth in life. Little point aiming towards a vision you had in the past then stopping at that point.

Like many of the boys of the 80s I had a poster on my wall, for some a Lamborghini, Pammy, Airwolf, but for me, Carl Fogartys infamous Ducati 916 SPS. I bought this bike in 2002, consequently selling because I’ve moved beyond the dreams of the 10-year old version of me.

Being under lockdown can bring about the feeling of being trapped, imprisoned and with no escape route – the World as you know it no longer true or a possibility. The state has taken control and you may feel extremely powerless. 

But this isn’t the end. It is the start of something more. This is not the time to search for all the reasons why you cannot, but a momentary pause that you can realign your aspirations and life intentions and build a future you really want to call your own. 

Feeling sorry for yourself? Grab a pen and paper and explore the possibilities that make you excited to the point where you want to get started right now!

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