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Just over 7.6 billion minds will be active within one rotation of a 24hr clock.

That’s some serious calorie intake, with the average brain requiring between 400-500 calories per day that is a whole lot of noughts.
7,600,000,000 x 400 = 3.04e+12

While it is natural to assume and believe that we are independent operators, in control of our thoughts, navigating within a conscious decision making space, operating in a rich web of interaction with one another, it is worth considering the following;

Who are you?

What does it mean to be a person within this world?

What is reality?

How do we think?

Our common-sense notion of reality is that our senses; the eyes, ears, nose, and fingertips pick up objective reality, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Smells, sounds, and colours do not actually exist in the outside world, an Ant for example doesn’t know the colour blue and a tree isn’t aware of the feeling found from an orgasm.

We’ve created our reality in order to move freely in a complex world, the removal of the colour ‘red’ alone for example would cause the world to temporarily halt.

The interaction between what’s “out there” and our sensory organs isn’t the whole picture either… our brain has no direct access to the outside world. Our brains have never seen the outside world, and yet we experience it. Pause for a moment and think about this. 


With a slice of our immediate ecosystem, we can detect interaction between the outside world, but we go about our lives as though we are operating in an objective reality based on what we have accepted to be the truth – ultimately within our interpretation of our ‘known’ world and one only that we have experienced. 

We can agree that we could not possibly know all that is... therefore can we truly know reality?

Time to pause and digest that for a moment….

We each presumably assumes experiences to be a universal truth, without this we simply would not move and enter into a space of evolved paralysis. Why would any of us stop to think that there is more beyond what we can sense?

Why would another see a tree anything but a tree, but what if you were never told it was a tree? Would you even see it?

With a little thinking, we easily can accept that the reality we experience is constrained by our biology. While our reality is constrained by our sensory capabilities, the complexity and speed with which the trillions of calculations are executed by each human being is incomprehensible.

So what can we know about the nature of reality? We must first confront our utter lack of in-the-moment awareness, regarding how our experiences shapes and constrains what we know as reality. 

How does the brain do that?

The brain operates with electrochemical signals from which it extracts patterns and assigns meaning, creating your subjective world. But more interestingly the brain doesn't know or care where the data comes from; it just figures out what to do with it, and it does it efficiently.

Our eyes, ears and our fingertips, these are merely peripheral plug-and-play devices, the brain figures out what to do with the data that comes in and in most cases utilises that information to support which matters to you in the best way possible (to keep you alive/immortal); take a look here for further learning: 

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