The Road to Healing: How Therapy Helped a War Veteran Overcome PTSD

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The trauma of war can have lasting effects on veterans, leading to conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. But with the right support, veterans can overcome these challenges and lead fulfilling lives.

In this article, I will share my experience of helping a veteran of war through therapy, highlighting the benefits of seeking professional help for mental health issues.

My client, John (not his real name), had served in the military for several years and had been deployed to multiple war zones. He had experienced and witnessed many traumatic events, which had left a deep impact on him. John had been diagnosed with PTSD and depression and had been struggling with sleep problems, anxiety, and flashbacks.

When John came to me, he was skeptical about the benefits of therapy. He felt that he had been through enough trauma and that talking about his experiences would only make things worse. However, I explained to him that therapy is not just about talking about one's problems. It's about developing coping skills, learning to manage emotions, and improving overall mental health.

In the first few sessions, I focused on establishing a therapeutic relationship with John. Trust is a crucial factor in therapy, especially when working with veterans who may have trust issues due to their experiences in combat. I made sure that John felt comfortable sharing his experiences with me and that he felt heard and validated.

One of the first things we worked on was helping John understand his triggers.

PTSD often leads to triggers, which are situations or stimuli that can cause a person to re-experience the traumatic event. For John, loud noises and crowded places were triggers. By helping him identify his triggers, we were able to develop coping strategies for him to use when he encountered them.

Another important aspect of therapy for veterans with PTSD is helping them process their traumatic experiences. This can be a challenging and emotional process, but it's crucial for healing. John had never talked about some of his experiences with anyone, including his family and friends. Through therapy, he was able to confront and process these experiences, which was a significant step towards healing.

We also worked on developing relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help John manage his anxiety and stress. Breathing exercises, meditation, and visualisation techniques were particularly helpful for him. He also found exercise to be an effective way to cope with his symptoms.

As John's therapy progressed, he began to see significant improvements in his mental health. His sleep improved, and he experienced fewer flashbacks and nightmares. He also reported feeling more in control of his emotions and reactions to triggers.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with John was seeing him reconnect with his family. His PTSD had caused him to withdraw from his loved ones, but as he began to heal, he was able to rebuild those relationships. He also began to pursue hobbies and interests that he had given up due to his mental health struggles.

Through therapy, John was able to learn new coping skills, process his traumatic experiences, and improve his mental health. He has since become an advocate for mental health and has encouraged other veterans to seek help.

It's essential to understand that seeking help for mental health issues is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it takes a great deal of courage and strength to ask for help. Therapy can be incredibly beneficial for veterans and can help them overcome the challenges of PTSD and other mental health issues.


If you're a war veteran struggling with mental health challenges related to your military service, know that you're not alone. The trauma you experienced can have long-lasting effects on your well-being, relationships, and daily life. But with the right therapy, it is possible to heal and move forward.

At our therapy clinic, we specialise in providing support and care for war veterans. We understand the unique challenges you face and the complexities of your experiences. Our therapy sessions are designed to help you develop coping strategies, manage symptoms of PTSD, and work through trauma in a safe and supportive environment.

Our approach is personalised, evidence-based, and tailored to your specific needs. We offer a range of therapy modalities, including behavioural therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness-based therapy. Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your mental health and build a fulfilling life after military service.

If you're ready to take the first step towards healing, we're here to support you.

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