Ever wondered why some people seem to just be able to get on with things despite the world crumbling all around them.

Resilience is part of our natural ability to deal with situations; effectively the more you face a trauma the less impact or power it is granted.

In fact, it is easily demonstrated with the government’s initial recommendations and described within this pandemic as herd immunity (of course there is more to it but bare with me).

Catch the virus build resilience and be immune, simple right? WRONG!

Independently, many of the traumas in life would not have an impact and for many of us cause little disruption, but for the most of us, and I’m included within this, we aren’t the perfect version of self, being depleted by many other factors of life; physical and mental restrictions, income dependency etc. 


Building resilience is fundamentally key to us all, not just to fight off the current virus or those of the future, but to allow us to deal with other challenges irrelevant of what form they take.

I work a lot with professional athletes, many Olympians, and injury is part of the process, not a ‘what if’ situation but a when. It is enviable that due to the level of which they operate injury WILL happen – and when it does usually a catastrophic failure what can seem at the time ‘world ending’. 

However in the majority of cases, they bounce back! How?

Almost all athletes operate at higher mental flexibility; they have no choice, meaning they are resilient to the point of personal failure. With years under their belt of constant physical and mental endurance, their historic failures dampen the shock, and despite a few days allowance of victimising themselves, on most occasions they are up and back on track (with limitations) within a week.

The learning here for those of us who aren’t athletes is the following:

Remove distractions. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your future, the life that you want or the best version of you… bin it. If it isn’t working with or for you then leave it be. The news getting you down? Don’t bother watching it or limit the impact it has! Cant sleep but watching horror films? You know what to do!
Go simple. If your mind is full of millions of tasks to complete then get them down on paper in list form and start to tick them off. Avoid adding else to it until there is less than five things listed and you are able to spend 10 minutes in the sun without feeling guilty about sitting down.
Build your resilience. Tough one but fail more. Pain is a great reminder that something is not working and you are alive, the more ‘positive’ pain you experience the better your internal guidance system and the greater the tuning ability of your thoughts. Think of a mouse in a maze, it may take 50 wrong turns before finding the one that brings about the prize or freedom.
Be more you and less of them. Don’t be a social media sheep.

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