You will not believe what excuses I have heard over the last few weeks from clients who previously were full speed ahead and now in reverse. Those who have been addressing the challenges that comes with whole different ball game. 

Stop bitching.

Motivation is one of those words that we all use but really have no idea what it means. I mean what does MOTIVATION actually mean and have you been using it correctly?

  • Tired? Does that mean you’re lacking motivation or just simply missing out on much needed rest?
  • Lacking energy? Does that mean you’re lacking motivation or just cut your intake of carbohydrates?
  • Bored? Does that mean that you’re lacking motivation or that the monotony of your routine needs shifting?

Motivation, it’s somewhat a keyword for achievers (the doers rather than the watchers) but it is also something that unless controlled can eat away at our focus when we face a slight dip in progress.

We have all struggled to stay motivated when working towards a target specific goal. It’s human nature to want to do what’s easiest, and progress targeted achievements are hard, thus when times are hard externally opting for the common known of the past (previous bad habits or behaviours).

So how can you increase your motivation? Motivation is like a muscle. You need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine, the more you do the better you become and the greater the RESILIENCE – see failure also…

The following steps for increasing and maintaining your productivity are designed to give you that kick that you need if the Pandemic has been getting the better of you.

They break down and simplify the sometimes-ambiguous task of motivating yourself, and will get you back on the path to success.

  • Decide on the outcome. I know something simple but when you are caught up in the moment the initial focus becomes blurred as a result of the consequences and thus no longer as clear as it once was. YES it may need adjusting but ensure that it is revisited on regular occasions.
  • Drop positive thinking. YEP, clear out all the B.S quotes and mantras. It doesn’t matter how many times I talk and think about winning the lottery it isn’t going to happen mathematically and realistically – why? I don’t gamble. Stop thinking start doing, no more mood boards, positive quotes or other B.S. fluff. Action Action Action!
  • Stop talking. If you aren’t prepared to do what you say then keep your mouth shut. Every time that you commit to doing something then fail to follow through you increase the acceptance internally for failing to complete, and then cannot take your word seriously. Your word is your personal bond.
  • Start small and then do something daily that works towards it. You can run multiple parallels here. Fitness – 10 press-ups today and add one per day for the next 30 days. Save 10p per day this month and then 20p per day next. You get the idea. The more you see the results the easier it will be for you to commit to the next.
  • Stop using social media and stop bitchin. Every moment of your day is an investment, unless you’ve got substantial shares in social media companies then stop giving so much of your time freely to something that offers little return – don’t kid yourself thinking that it helps you connect with friends that is B.S.
  • Limit yourself to one bit of substantial change per month. Too much change will overwhelm you and you’ll revert to old habits when you fail. Change is for life… not just until you get what you want.
  • Address your greatest fears. False Evidence Appearing Real. You’ve made up your fears so start to address them now, they will be the largest elements holding you back from being the perfect version of you. One life – no regrets! 

This pandemic is horrific and the world is struggling, I think the worst is yet to come but it doesn’t mean that you should give up or stop working towards what you want.

The second we return back to a sense of normality you’ll need to be hitting the ground running not warming up. Stop bitching about how hard life is and go and live it, you’ll only be complaining if you don’t.

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