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The term "sneaky fuckers" was coined by evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith to describe subordinate males who take advantage of opportunities to mate with females while dominant males are otherwise occupied, leading to their reproductive success (Smith, 1993).

When low-status males have no chance of accessing females via traditional routes such as fighting or signalling their prowess, they may attempt more deceptive means of getting a mate.

It was originally thought that in some species such as deer and gorillas, only the dominant male mates successfully. But, through direct observation and extended research, it is now known that often other males successfully mate when they can find the opportunity – through the Sneaky Fuckers Strategy.

The technical term for this behaviour is kleptogamy, Kleptogamy (derived from the Greek klepto "to steal", and gamos "marriage". is a behaviour pattern in which males which lack attractive characteristics attempt to mate with females by means of deceptive behaviour.

Of course when it is used in my daily context it has nothing to do with reproduction or the selection of a mate, but the behaviours that some will adopt in order to gain an advantage from a place of weakness. I am sure most can think immediately of a Sneaky Fucker within their own life without too much trouble.

This successful mating strategy was also documented in the Giant cuttlefish. 

A twist to natural selection theory

In Darwin's Origin of a Species, he lays the foundation of the sexual selection theory, whereby some individuals are able to have higher reproductive success as a result of being able to outcompete for mates. 

The "sneaky fucker theory" flies in the face of the precepts of the sexual selection theory, and sets up a scenario where successful mating is not necessarily limited by the ability to attract a mate.

John Maynard Smith cited the example of the red deer where subordinate males will take advantage of a mating opportunity while the dominant males are engaged within the Rut and thus their attention is distracted, something that I have personally witnessed in the Scottish Highlands.

Why do I mention this? 

Deceptive behaviours seems to be more prevalent politically than ever before, with some saying one thing and doing the complete opposite, distracting the masses with confusion while maintaining a clear and highly beneficial agenda themselves. 

If you think you are being subjected to a distracted behaviour then you probably are…. look at the following videos from Tess Lawrie & Bret Weinstein which highlights how the narrative can be changed to suit the message of those assumed leaders when they manipulate the data. 

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