Denying the things that you want until you truly deserve has always been part of my life, an old mentor of mine used to laugh at me while fishing…I’d delay the reward of lunch until the first fish was on the bank… citing that “I didn’t deserve it yet”.

Just because you can doesn’t always mean that you should.

Self-control is fundamental to your, my and their successes. Delayed gratification is the ability to wait to get what you want, developing impulse control, something I think most can agree is missing in the modern age. 

This ability to resist temptation is often referred to as willpower or self-control, and delaying gratification is often seen as a central part of this behaviour. We put off what we want now so that we can perhaps get something else, something better, later or can understand a benefit within the larger picture.

Struggling with self-control? Here is a little guidance for implementation.

Just get started. To orient your brain toward delayed gratification set some clear daily, weekly and monthly intentions. Write them in your diary and establish why they are key to your evolution.

Decide on the purpose. If you are struggling to get things under control, for example spending…then look at a ‘value’ to the opposite. A purpose adds validation to the shift and helps motivate.

Reminding yourself of all that you have is a very effective way to train your brain to accept delayed gratification. When you think of all the non tangible you’re already lucky enough to have. Good health? Family? Friends? Safety? You get the idea.

Set clear intentions. Keep a visual reminder of your intention within sight daily to remind yourself what you’re working toward. It will make delayed gratification that much easier. Mood boards do work. 

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[ In 2012 I was reading one of my favourite motorcycle magazines….there it was staring me in the face… BMW Motorrad had just announced the release of their BMW S1000RR HP4 (later the carbon and the one that I now own – it was only made for 2 years and in limited numbers), priced at just under £20k it was a long way out of my affordability, despite being a life long motorcyclist (I’d owned Ducati’s back to back since 2004 and had been riding since 14 years old) I set an intention to own one…needless to say I now have one in my collection and it is purely down to the art of delayed gratification. I own it outright, no finance, it is mine, I could have purchased one several times however the hierarchy of needs was weighted heavily to other priorities. ]

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