What will be will be, fate has its way, the universe knows best. WHAT A LOAD OF B.S

Everything in nature has a path that it follows, agreed, but this is created by the action and the primary intention of survival. A seedling works towards the light, overcoming wind, rain, storms, plant and insect invasion and even works around solid man made structures with ease! No fate needed… just one purpose! Survival.

If you are holding out for something significantly to happen in your life and the door is closed and you are failing to offer anything in return for that outcome then you will be waiting a long time, in fact you may even die where you wait. The seedling will NOT GROW!

I’ve been in the therapy business for a long time and I am yet to find someone who has put all their trust in fate, to benefit in the same way from the rewards and gifts that action provides. Massive action will hands down provide you with more learning and understanding of the world (internal world) than the four walls of your home. YOU NEED TO MOVE!

I base a lot of my guidance from my experiences in sport and endurance activities, there seems to be much personal learning from events that challenge what you believed to be possible for yourself, it would be hard to challenge that a ‘ relying on fate approach’ would be possible to bring about the same results mentally, physically and any other of the llys.

The details of your life matter and what you do with those details forge your tomorrow and how your life will, will look like in reflection. Aim high. That’s right. Right now think about the you, the you that would seem so abstract that it would make your head hurt!

Now think about all the things that would need to be done for you to get that! At what point in that thought process did fate or the universe give you the solution or answer. NONE. You control your future not some flimsy thought process or hidden unknown wisdom. Stop lying and kidding yourself that you are connected to some hidden energy.

If you have been living in the middle ages; get out your cave and go get what you want. You know what your insecurities are and you know what should be done to ensure that they aren’t a restriction moving forward.


What you were like yesterday is no reason why you should be the same tomorrow, small incremental changes to what you believe to be possible will bring about and identify all those elements that support it. Focusing on what is not has no place for you right here. Unless you want to tie yourself up in one.

Set some serious intention today. Your life needs to be worth living. NO FATE NEEDED! It is time to have purpose beyond your own suffering.

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