I know strange statement, as we are all meant to be evolving rather than heading backwards.

As an amateur competitive athlete I am all too aware of the issues of past and how we can fall into the negative trap of comfort.

I cycle a lot between sporting disciplines, from 140-mile triathlons to cross country ski marathons meaning that there is a lot of change, much feedback and usually at least a year between events.

Like all athletes there is time to work and time to pause, pausing providing the ability to rest, however the further you go from the peek of your progression the greater the temptation to delay starting back….. as you take a little more rest than required and the starting point for the next is pushed back due to complacency or comfort.

Sound familiar?

All is not lost; the act of identifying the issue is a step in the right direction. If you can master self-motivation from that point of identification, then it shouldn’t be that hard to get back on track.

Lacking motivation?

Here are some useful and thought provoking questions to get started.

Understand your VALUES.

This is the ultimate starting point. If you can connect the intention to your values, even in a small way you can change your game. One of my values is learning and growth, the more you learn about yourself the better you will be able to work with feelings and your projections.

Understand your WHY.

Figure out a compelling purpose. Turn this into a one-liner. As mentioned in a previous post, the more you understand the direction the better you will notice the opportunities that support it.

Challenge the WHY.

Sometimes you are doing things for the wrong reason. Are you lacking motivation to get started? This could be why. Remember you are not your past so why bother living it. Think about it!

Everything YOU think you control.

I know this is a potential head fart but everything you know to be true is something that you decided to accept.

  • Can’t be better? Who said?
  • Passed your sell by date? Who said?
  • The best of you has gone? Who said?

If you have been tuned to a higher version of you and want to get back to that level and it is realistically possible, then stop messing about and get started.

Yes it will be hard and YES it absolutely will be painful, you will hate it…but that will pass and in just a few months from now you will be looking at that moment pleased that you did something about it.

  • aim for something greater than you have been in the past.

How great can you be?

I don’t know and I doubt you really know but it is something worth working towards….


No more BS.

Own it.

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