Mental Wholeness: Overcoming Internal Divisions for Enhanced Mental Health

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In the pursuit of mental integration, we frequently stumble upon internal schisms that have the potential to impact our mental health. These schisms, typically a byproduct of cognitive biases, engender contradictions in our thoughts and actions, resulting in stress, confusion, and at times, escalating into mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Surmounting these internal schisms is pivotal in attaining mental integration and amplifying our overarching well-being.

Decoding Internal Schisms

Internal schisms originate from harbouring conflicting beliefs, ideas, or values. These contradictions are usually swayed by cognitive biases, systematic inaccuracies in our thinking that influence our decisions and judgments. For example, we may grapple with the 'optimism bias,' a tendency to believe we are less likely to undergo negative events compared to others. Simultaneously, we might be wrestling with the 'negativity bias,' an inclination to attribute more significance to negative experiences.

These cognitive biases can foster internal schisms that destabilise our mental equilibrium, creating a discord between our beliefs and actions and triggering mental discomfort or cognitive dissonance. 

Overcoming Internal Schisms 

Transcending internal schisms is a procedure that necessitates self-awareness, self-exploration, and, often, professional assistance. Here are some strategies that can facilitate this process: 

Strategy 1: Cultivating Mindful Self-awareness

Mindful self-awareness involves consciously directing our attention to our thoughts, emotions, and actions in the present moment. This practice can help us discern the cognitive biases creating internal schisms and comprehend their impact on our mental health. Regular mindfulness activities, such as meditation or mindful walking, can aid in cultivating this awareness.

Strategy 2: Cognitive Reframing 

Cognitive reframing involves altering our perspective on a situation to modify its emotional impact and mitigate cognitive dissonance. This technique, a cornerstone of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), can help us challenge and modify distorted thoughts, decreasing internal schisms and fostering mental integration. 

Strategy 3: Clarifying Our Values

Values clarification entails identifying and exploring our fundamental values. By comprehending our values, we can align our beliefs and actions more closely, diminishing internal schisms. This process may involve introspective activities like journaling or guided reflections.

Strategy 4: Enlisting Professional Assistance

For many, surmounting internal schisms may necessitate professional assistance. Therapists and counsellors can provide tools and strategies to identify cognitive biases, manage cognitive dissonance, and foster mental integration. 

Attaining mental integration is a journey that involves transcending internal schisms. By nurturing mindful self-awareness, practising cognitive reframing, elucidating our values, and enlisting professional help, we can manage cognitive biases and cultivate a more harmonious mental state. Remember, overcoming internal schisms is not about achieving perfection but about aspiring for consistency and harmony in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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