being happy

While being happy is a common aim that people say that they have in life, not everyone knows why it is important to be happy. The thing is happiness means different things to different people, so it can be difficult to clearly state why being happy is important but there are many benefits and side-effects associated with being happy. For many people, the state of happiness is all the reason they need to achieve this outcome and if you feel good, you will enjoy life. However, there are other key benefits that are associated with happiness that you need to think about.

Studies indicate that happy people live for longer. This sounds so simple that many people will instinctively dismiss it, and it can’t be true for everyone, but a range of studies suggest that people who were cheerful were found to have lived longer. Many things can happen which impact on your life but if being happy provides you with an improved chance of living longer, isn’t it worth trying to be happy?

Happier people are often healthier people

There are also studies which indicate that people who are happier are healthier. There are clear links between stress and illness and equally, there are documented links between happiness and healthiness. This is an ongoing area of study but when you are happy, the positive feelings in your body will impact on the chemical nature of your body. Studies suggest that this leads to an improvement in cell repair, in building strength in your body and in enhancing the body’s level of immunity. These are all key benefits of feeling happy, so it makes sense to try and be happier in life.

There is also a lot to be said for the fact that happiness is closely linked to optimism and optimistic people are able to bounce back from adversity quicker. This is important because we will all face issues and problems in life, and the key factor is in how we deal with them. If you are optimistic, you’ll find that you loom for positive outcomes and this means that you will likely find more positive outcomes. This is a very simplified approach to life, but it is an approach that many people will agree with.

There is also the fact that if you believe that there is a solution and you are willing to work towards that goal, you will be more likely to achieve that goal. This means that being happy can help you to solve problems or come up with solutions that will make a positive impact on your life.

If you are looking for a romantic relationship, studies indicate that happier people have a better chance of finding a new love. After all, if you are starting a new relationship, you would rather be with someone who was happy than someone who was miserable or depressing. It sounds very simple when you put it in those terms but it is clear that happiness is the preferred state of mind for people, so it makes sense to try and be as happy as you can be in life.


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