4 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Surroundings – this title isn’t exactly what I mean but it’s directly linked. The way we feel about our surroundings is generally based on two things. These are past or present memories – meaning that the emotions that happen

happy-people-in-the-poppy-field-1280x800-wide-wallpapers-netduring that/this time will “generally” create the impression that will be stored.  These impressions will either motivate you to have a good feeling/emotion or a bad one.

To improve your surroundings, there are a number of things that you can do – however one will stand out and have the most influential effect compared to the others. How can you improve your surroundings? You change the people that you have with you…When you surround yourself with different people you experience different energy shifts that will provide you with different emotions and feelings, thus the behavior and the experience.

Think about it for just a moment – what shifts do you experience when you are with those you like and those you don’t? How do you feel internally? What about externally? Pushing this a little further, not only must you change the people, but also you can add several other variants that will increase the experience and change the memory.

These are:

1. Add some colour and view it differently.

The visual differences will have a huge effect on how you experience an event or situation. Generally speaking, if something is clean, bright and colourful your experienced will be heightened, if dull, dark and frosty quite the opposite.

2. Forgive the past experience and BE prepared to move on.

Use this time moving forward to change the way that you act towards the past. Forgiveness can be hard if you are new to it, but the more you forgive the clearer your mind will become. The past is called the past for a very simple reason…it’s past…cannot be changed and will never happen again…unless you allow it.

3. See it in big lights

Children are fantastic at allowing their minds and visions to run away with them. When “re-experiencing” an event, think about how your “inner’ child would see it. What magic would happen and how would exploration would change the dynamics of your thinking.

4. Be happy with imperfection

“Not everything has to be perfect”, I remember saying these words to myself when visiting a European country recently. Affirmations help in a number of ways, not only to reeducate your mind to alternatives but also to marginalize a level of acceptance to things that don’t fit into your “reality”.

In summary – you can improve your surroundings by changing the emotions you’ve attached to that environment. Start by experiencing it with people you love and have fun, even if it’s at your expense.

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